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Hence, Tianyi subconsciously moved to the side and quietly stood in front of Jiang Qianxue. Then, he laughed. This brother looks skilled. How many levels did you pass in the Tower of Trials? There should be no problem for you to pass above twenty levels, right?


Shenluo Citys Sing! Milky Way will commence soon. We welcome everyone to take part in this competition. Location for audition: Virtual World Area 52, Sing! Milky Way Hall. Time: October 21, 8 AM.


This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!


This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!


It has been confirmed. Jiang Dongliu nodded and said, According to the latest news, the number one genius from the younger generation of the Beta Star, Li Tianxing, is already on the way here. This boy is talented, totally unlike the little brat Tianzong. Most importantly, he is one of the people the Beta Star is grooming and he is an energy user who has fused with an ice Soul Stone. He is one of the chosen successors to the Nine Sha Luos. This kid is actually quite reliable. At least I have not seen any bad traits after observing him for so long. Let me counsel Qianxue and resolve the conflicts she has in her heart. Things will then fall into place. There should not be any problem.


On the peak of a tall mountain. The radius on this mountain was a few hundred kilometers. It was like a huge sword piercing into the sky. The clouds floated around the middle of the mountain and occasionally, blue flames burned from the sound of the cracks in the mountain. The entire scene was very frightening and full of mystery.

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Huaqing was certain that even if Hong Dali was a string-puller, he would not dare take things lightly. He must have some plans.


There was a reason why Jiang Qianxue was so magnanimouswhy did Tianyi approach them? It was because he found them attractive. Women were generally unreasonable. It was a conflict caused by their beauty, they naturally did not mind


Soon, everyone gathered in the Savage Rose Tavern. They exited, teleported, and went straight out of the city.


He was twenty-four or twenty-five, with short golden-colored hair and an arrogant laugh.


As he spoke he took the little prodigal bird Acka out from his bag. Acka was sleeping after having eaten an unknown amount of thingsHong Dali would soon find out what he ate. He took a close look and was devastated


Usually, when a beautiful lady said that to a man of a similar age, the atmosphere would definitely be very romantic. However, when Lin Chuyin said that to Hong Dali, that was equivalent to asking, Have you eaten? And the other party responded with: Yes.


Yes, yes, yes. I sincerely wish to buy it. Its necessary. Why else would we wait so long? Mister, how much is this armor? Is it really only one thousand Galaxy Dollars?



The Bureau Chief was indeed reliable. That was why Hong Dali came to look for him once he returned—if he had to inform everyone one by one, it would have taken forever.



It was a main city under construction. The roads and streets were more than 50 meters wide. The buildings looked similar to those in ancient Heavenly State and were beautifully carved. At that moment, there were many pedestrians on the road and it was very lively. Especially on the side of the road, several shops had opened. Weapons stores, armor points, jewelry stores, etc. It was small but complete. Everything that a virtual world should have…


This was a tiger that had mutated from eating Dali beans. It was five-meters-long, about the size of a medium-sized car. Hong Dali had cheekily clad it in a full suit of armor fully embedded with attribute gems!


The old man looked like he was about sixty-years-old. He was skinny and had snow-white hair. He had on round sunglasses, bermudas, and slippers. It was the mysterious old man who had treated Gate to wine previously.

  • “I’ll go over right now!” Bureau Chief made his way out but suddenly stopped. “Who did Dali come back with?”
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