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Hahaha, dont worry, dont worry. Jiang Dongliu gently patted Jiang Qianxues back and consoled her softly. Youre still a child, as you grow up you will meet challenges and encounter changes. If you choose the right path, the road ahead will be wide and straight. If you choose the wrong path, it will be a narrow and winding alley. However, regardless of whether you take the wide road or the narrow alley, you end up at the same place. Theres not much difference.


I think, I think its The man tried his best to recall. I think his cloak is golden and his name is is oh yes, Aristocrat.Dali. I heard that he was here with the exalted Galaxy Aristocrat, Lord Tianzong.


The Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine was poured into the jade bowl. Sure enough, the golden Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine glowed brightly as it swished in the jade bowl in the soft lighting. Mister Gate drank it in one gulp, laughing. “Interesting, wahahaha, interesting! Kid, continue talking!”


“This really isn’t a good piece of news.” The Bureau Chief touched his chin and said, “Alright, continue with your research, I shall go report this first—looks like the nuclear bombs we created may really come in useful, after all.”


Yes, Dad. Li Nianwei smiled gently. She took a glance at Hong Dali with eyes like warm jade. She blushed slightly and nodded. Young Master treats me very well. I will never forget his kindness toward us. Dad, mum, dont worry.


After he said that, everyone laughed. Tang Muxin almost doubled over from laughing so hard. She said, Didnt you always say that you are a tycoon? Why are you not happy?

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Perhaps, I acted too rashly. Jiang Qianxue sat on the sofa in the room thinking carefully about the events that had transpired recently. I dont know anything about the other party and I fell in love with him? That does not seem right. My feelings feel more like idolization?


Lan Ruoxi secretly winked at Hong Weiguoit seemed although Dali had no intention to get a wife, he had plenty of lovers. Look, look. Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Lin Chuyin, and Zhang Yi. There were already four of them. This casanova was indeed an offspring of the Hong Family!


When children were not in contact with their parents for a period of time, it was inevitable for the parents to become worried. Since he had seen them, the stone had finally been lifted off his heart. Otherwise, it weighed in his mind.


Judging from its speed and strength, it has to at least have the power of a Fourth Order Planet Warrior?


This can be considered as just one of the ways I make my greeting. Luckily, things were not too bad. Tianyi felt fearful as he quickly said, I did leave some money as compensation. Two thousand dollars should be enough to pay for a main door like this. I left twenty thousand. Im also an Honorary Aristocrat. We can be considered family, right?


Ahahaha. Zhang Yi, the Zerg Queen blushed and laughed dryly. Indeed, theres not much left


Of course, Jiang Qianxue could not hear their whispered conversations. When everyone was gone, she finally began to feel less tense.



“O… okay!” Finally seeing the light to victory! Luo Qiang thanked the heavens as he brought the Mister to his room. Then, he soon understood. He had underestimated the complexity of the matter…



“Not exaggerating!?” Yin Tianzong stared his eyes wide and said, “How is that not exaggerating!? This is the Tower of Trials! You should know the difficulty inside, not just anyone can manage to get past level 30! The number one warrior in the past, Duan Xuan, he’s very powerful, right? But he only passed level 27 in such a place last time! But this time, this guy actually got past level 30, and you say that it’s not exaggerating?”


On the other side, Zhang Yi, who was clad in a black sexy leather attire, ran in. When she saw Hong Dali, she rushed towards him and pulled him into her chest, his face almost on her cleavage. Aiyaya, long time no see, Young Master. I missed you so much, let sister give you a kiss!


When Hong Dali exited out to the main hall of the government office, everyone was already ready and waiting. They stood neatly together in a group. Hong Dali spoke to the pocket-sized dragon swirling around the Dragon Blood Ring. Return!

  • “All of you, listen carefully.” Yin Tianzong instructed his guards. “My Brother Dali, he’s my brother. Guard his villa carefully. If any problem happens there, I will chop up all of you and feed you to the dogs, do you all hear me!?”
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